Invest in You! Your worth it!

Our educational focus is to inspire and motivate our team of lash and brow stylist and trainers to believe in their dreams for success.

Be efficient and effective, and make an excellent living by creating stunning sets of lashes and brows.

If you’re looking for individual instruction and flexible class schedules, Elleebana Excellence Academy education platform is for you.


Online Training



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Become a Trainer

Let us take your dreams a reality!

Building your career? What better way than becoming an Elleebana Lash Lift Trainer!

Brand new, and wanting to get into the beauty industry?

Do you love the lash lift industry? Are you interested in teaching others to lash lift?

LOV Academy offers a hands-on, one-on-one online training program for Lash Lift, Lash and brow lamination Lash Tint Trainers.

  • 1) Submit your application to be a trainer.

    ➡ The application must include:

    a) Your Elleebana Original Certification

    b) Portfolio with compilation of amazing lash lifts over 6 months 

    c) Biography, professional headshot and resume.

    d) Interview with a Master Trainer.

  • 2) Face to face presentation

    We then ask you to take a portion from the training manual and deliver it to one of our master trainers so we can see firstly your knowledge and understanding of the products and service and secondly the ability to deliver and instruct a class. We would take extensive notes on your ability to speak clearly, pronounce words and sections from the manual fully and well.

  • 3) Case study analysis

    You would then be provided case study images to provide feedback and review the images so we can see that you can identify what areas need improvement and provide technical support to your students. 

  • 4) Deliver a class

    If you have passed each of these sections we then ask you to deliver a class under the review of our master trainer and are graded with our feedback given for the areas that you may need to improve on. Depending on how many improvements are needed we then allow you to become a formal trainer for hands-on training.