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Everlasting Brows

3 days Everlasting Microblading Course (3 consecutive days from 10am until 5pm). Everlasting brows microblading kit included. This is an exciting course that will provide you and your clients with more permanent, yet still very natural looking way of enhancing the brows.

Elleebana Lash Lift

Accessible, Quick, Easy and Fast the hottest trend in the industry allows you to offer your customers luscious lifted lashes in a blink of an eye.Purchase our one shot lash lift system kit and offer your clients the perfect curl for up to 3 months with the fastest innovative system on the market.


Offer your clients more ways to banish the boring then ever before with the extensive range of eyebrow tint from Belmacil: With a superior Swiss formulation and ten colors to mix and match to create a custom unique look for each of your clients.


Formaldehyde free, hypoallergenic, flexible lash coating with a similar effect to that of mascara with the staying power unlike another. This innovative product and treatment can be waterproof wear that can last for two to four weeks.

Elleebana Lash extensions

Lash extensions are individual, long lasting lashes applied and bonded directly to the natural eyelash using Elleebana superior adhesive with are produced to the highest safety standards an are exclusively made for Elleebana. The adhesive is ISO aproved medical grade tested for flexibility.

Sleek Brows

Non Invasive 3D Brow Building will allow you to re-construct eyebrows completely. You can create fullness and definition that can't be achieved with regular eyebrow grooming or makeup. The result is a waterproof and smudge-proof eyebrow, which is created by building on your natural shape.

Sleek Lashes

Our custom blend of mink and silk lash extensions come in a wide selection of curls, lengths and thicknesses. Offer your clients a variety of different lash styles that can be accomplished with the highest quality lash extensions on the market.


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