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Precision Z-Volume Tweezers

Precision Z-Volume Tweezers

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  • The shape of the Z-Tweezers fits perfectly over the clients nose, which is now no longer getting in the way, making inner corner lashing a breeze.

  • I remember the time when I was swearing when I had to lash the left eye because the nose was always in the way. It is no longer with the Z-Tweezers. YAY!

  • Most importantly: It grabs fans beautifully almost all along the blade.

  • I use the Z-Tweezers for on and off tape fanning Techniques and even for classic lashing.

  • All Tweezers are hand tested by Julia and have 100% passed testing.

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"My Tweezers don't work."

This is a sentence I hear and see posted at least a few times per day.

And guess what? Most of the time it's not the Tweezers but the person that is handling them. In this Video I will show you all the different types of Eyelash Extensions Tweezers by Lash Tribe.

There is a certain way of holding and using Classic, Volume and even Isolation Tweezers.

Always remember: How you hold a Classic Tweezer is very different to how you hold a Volume Tweezer.

No 2 Tweezers are the same as they are not mass factory produced. All have been made by hand and been tested by hand, adjusted to work perfectly for your beautiful, precious fans.

Color may fade over time especially if laid in harsh chemicals after each use.

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